Not That Kind of Keeper

10 Aug 2012

purgatorybartender replied to your post: Hey, there. I’m sorry about this, but I have to kiss you. [she stands on her toes and gives him a kiss on the chin]

I’m Shae. Nice to meet you. And a grey-face told me I had to kiss every turian I know. So…there.

"Nice to meet ya too, and so there, huh? You make it a habit of listenin’ to the whims of random people, Miss Shae?" he asked in a half-teasing, half-serious tone.

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    Don’t let it keep you up at night. Our figures of speech are usually pretty stupid. And I like the way you think, Willy.
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    "I’m gonna be fumbling forever with these human figures of speech, aren’t I?" "Lonely, nah, just content with keepin’...